Granite Cookware Set, 5 Piece

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PMT 5pcs Granite cookware set is forged in the foreground method and from special alloy using the technology of forge. The non-stick German microblock cover used in these services is the best raw materials used.

This complete and practical set provides you with the possibility of cooking different types of food. The set is made up of material that does not change the color of the heat and spreads the heat uniformly and quickly on all levels of the container; it also cleans it after use. Makes it easy. The handles of this set are durable and, with their special design, give a beautiful look to the set and make it easy to carry.

PMT 5pcs Granite cookware set are guaranteed with a 18 months warranty, which has been manufactured under the license of Alcon Turkey in multilayer form. For optimal use of products, be sure to read the instructions and practices of the site.

5pcs Forged Cookware Set Specification

Type Size دسته Lid Inner Coating Body Color
Pot 20 - 24 باگالیت درب پیرکس گرانیت ۴ لایه سیلیکونی
Pan 24 دو دسته باگالیت - گرانیت ۴ لایه سیلیکونی
Bio Granite
IRAN FDO Certificate
Iran National Standard
18-month Warranty
ECO Friendly Product

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